ਅਕਾਲ ਹੀ ਅਕਾਲ ॥
Satnam Siri Waheguru Jio
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I was in a 2-3 day debate with a Muslim that made a website based soley on trying to denounce SIKHISM. The whole website was totally bias and onesided, also had now facts only opinion which was from only one source. When I told him what Sikhi is about he would compare them to the Islamic laws. I told him tyranical Islamic laws arent above the law in democratic societies or countries. So he could compare until blue in the face, but he had Zero power unless those laws could be pinned down on me. Thus proving only the laws are used to oppress people Muslim or non-Muslim.

If your faith is so pure why do you need to force anything? Islamic laws only work in Muslim ran countries. In the U.S Islamic laws must take a back seat because they only abide to Muslims only and specifically. They cant go around pinning laws on the non Muslims for their own amusement or powertrip.

He said so many things trying to prove Guru Nanak was mistreating his wife because he left on his udassis. I told him in rebuttle that I am a Sikh due to Guru Nanak travling far and wide. I also told him{since he said he knows Sikhi enough to teach it on the internet} Mardana was a Muslim and at first sight of Guruji he followed Gurmat. He said then Mardana didnt know Islam enough and thus is an infidel. They use that word on any threat to their persons.He also said Guru Nanak is a Hindu. I told him Guru Nanak as a Sikh had a former Muslim and former Hindu as his companions.To him he could careless and again munipulated whatever I said again. I said you only hear what you what to hear . He told me he felt sorry for me for rejecting the truth{Islam}. He really is sorry for himself that he is further from the truth than he thinks and uses me as his own spiritual scapegoat. His own feelings of himself is blamed on me for not being forcefed his intentions of Selfish worldwide conversion to Islam. Again I will tell you what I tell Christians,Jews,Jahovah witnesses,Muslims,and Atheists, I say "You arent happy until I do what you say, You are only happy when I am not". Thats why I love the Sikh path because Im happy no matter what anyone says to me or what they do to me.If I hold on tight to the teachings and what we pray for in Ardas everyday then nothing can hurt me physically, mentally or Spiritually but me. Thats why we wake and bathe at Amrit Vela, thats why we read or recite Nitnem{our daily routine} at GuruJis appointed time{s},that is why we form a Sangat, that is why we do Seva.We are persicuted right now to see who is real and who are bandwagon jumpers{even if you were born into Sikhi}.I know a guy who basically thinks he is a mini Baba Jarnail Singh Bindranwale, he walks around with a cone turban{old Nihang style} holding an arrow wearing cholas, and doesnt wake at amrit Vela but when it makes him look like he always does, doesnt even try to read Gurmukhi{hes white like I am}Partakes of 'Bhang' {aka an intoxicant against Amrit} not only partakes it because drug addict Nihangs do, but growsand smokes it also.{{[I used to also, but in order for me to become a Sikh of Guru Nanak I dropped it like a hot coal in my bare hand and feel free from it.}]] I wanted to take Amrit with purity, because if you take Amrit and do these things against Rehat then you just drank really sweet water in the Panj Pyares presence, not only bearing Zero fruit, but there isnt a tree ther to pick fruit from just a giant sink hole in the ground getting bigger and bigger and bigger until its so big all the land in the world is gone and you are forced to jump in the ocean and drown because you wont be able to swim acrross for there is no land to swim accross to.Nothing but just water and you will eventually drown even if you start reciting Banis while you are swimming, because you only truelly started reciting bani when you realised its too late, thus bearing Zero fruit for you in the long run. Do it while you have the chance to prove your devotion not just show it.In order to understand anything we must listen to everything GuruJi is saying.If we bow to the Gurus word and we get caught up in the "book" arguement with non-Sikhs then tell them "If a word is to be stored ,where can you put it, but on paper{material} and how to take care of that paper but to bind it inside two covers, then how to preserve the "book"{SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB} but to place on a bed like you put your own body in order to take care of the body{Saroop}". If the words [Shabad]you live by are important enough , then you will cherish them with ALL your heart. Some Sikhs pick and choose what "they" think is appropriate for this day in age{KaliYuga}.GuruJi on earth is Spiritually Supreme compared to all us worms. We always fall and either find our way back on our feet or some are walking on their head,and some buried their heads in the ground and only allow instinct to guide them rather than spiritually exersizing everyday.They think they "know it all". Once you die then you will be shown your doubts and either saved or thrown right back here with the rest of us mortals who promise Waheguru we will return but find out greed, lust etc. is more important than how clean the spirit inside you really is. I can only say I hope and try to show Waheguru that I truelly care for what shape my spirit is, and if it will be good enough to not have to come back to this hell with all the physical pleasures you could shake a stick at.

I at one point in my life studied all religions non biased, and would only then make a decision based on my heart and not my mind. I then saw about Sikhi and read the philosophy and was dumbstruck with awe. I then tryed my hardest to unwind it and ended up winding myself into Sikhi itself.I didnt choose Sikhi, Sikhi chose me. I know that for 100% fact. My faith had enough spirtual power to completly morph me into a being which I now know as a GurSikh. My next post will be the story of exactly how I became a Sikh.

If you study Sikhi enough you will figure out that your life is too short to even come close to learning enough or even comprehend an iota of Sikhi. You can do your nitnem but if you dont know the meaning or the history of why, then you dont have enough power to die for Sikhi at any cost. I walk around in full bana in a redneck racist town and am the only Sikh. I have no fear of them. My crown{Turban} is my flag.My 5Ks are my non-violent weapons. Now that I took Amrit I could careless if I died at their hands because Ive accomplished the highest honour and have been baptised as a Sikh and took Naam over my body in the form of Amrit. For me the first step was to take Amrit the second is to die either for Sikhi or natural. I could careless how. I know however Waheguru planned is the best and I have no feeling or comment against his will. My mind is now wandering all over and I have too much to say that I must stop here for now or I will completly share all my knowledge and take 30 years explaining things and then learn more to share again etc. I love my deep contemplation of things. I wonder if others can think as direct as I can. When I want to do something I put so much effort in that I get lost in my own brain. Meaning I didnt know I had storage space for things so deep. Wow I feel so much power of learning Sikhi now that I have Amrit in my blood.I feel Im abandoning everyone but not typing my thoughts for 10 years but I must go.

My last thought is filter out what is important and not important in your life and put alot of effort in the things worth putting effort in to.Whether it be being a GurSikh or not even going to the Gurdwara. If you are a real Sikh you would climb over whatever obstacles are in your way, and not blame others for your reasons of devotion or non devotion. To me Waheguru is the only thing of worth and in the Sikhi path is my best way to achieve fulfillment and merge with him. GuruJis life made mine worth living and has shown me the importance of devotion.Too much to say............ SatNam Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Friday, April 21, 2006