ਅਕਾਲ ਹੀ ਅਕਾਲ ॥
Satnam Siri Waheguru Jio
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My baby girl is getting big

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Saturday, April 07, 2007

Guru Sahib at my house

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A local Gurdwara that I go to

The Stockton, Ca Khalsa Diwan Society Gurdwara
I will write more in tommorow but the Stockton Gurdwara was the first built in the U.S.A back in the 1930s. Its about 30 min away but I go here sometimes.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brave Khalsa Warriors

I am constantly reminding myself of how blessed I am to be a Sikh of the Guru and am thankful for all the Khalsa Wariors that gave up their lives and showed the bravest of Kaurage in order for Sikhi to still thrive as it is today. I hope that people stop and think about what they fought for before they carry on beadbi of the Guru and of the Gurdwaras. Lately Ive been hearing of too many Gurdwaras disrespecting the Guru and the Gurus house. Even the slightest beadbi is a huge deal. I cant understand why some comitee members dont fully respect the sanctity of Gurdwaras. I could go on for a very long time on this subject but instead I would again remind people of why Shaheedees gave their lives. They did because someone or some force disrespected the Gurdwaras or the Gurus people etc, and they were the first line of defence. They protected the people in anyway suppressed and we as Sikhs of the modern day should feel the same as the Sikhs of old did about the same issues.


DegTeg Fateh!

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can anyone out there help me out with a job?

I am curently looking for somewhere to work, and someplace where I can keep my Sikh Identity. Id rather pick up cans and recycle than conform to the way of society with cut hair and shaven.

If anyone in this area knows of a place or can employ anyone can you please help me out. Im a very good employee and have excelent work ethics and pratices.Im capable of, really anything. Ive been having Sikhs give me the run around and having me go places that arent hiring or almost as they made it up. Ill do anything from carpentry/ handyman, to working in a store stocking{ I just cannot touch tobacco and alcohol }.

Ill eventually find something but for now I can only get turned down endless amounts of times from local buisnesses.If it was of real worth I would probably sell my house and relocate if its a fulltime honest job that makes enough to support my family.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some people spiritually look like this and Amrit is the beginning of changing your spiritual appearance.

Some people look like this to me, going around telling people who the are and who they arent. Its funny how as Sikhs we should over look peoples shortcomings yet we do the opposite and nit-pick eachother when we disagree. I admit I have my shortcomings and faults. Everyone has them. Not everyone is perfect like some people are. They take the whole world down with there pessimism. If you have been a Sikh longer shouldnt you have more self discipline in your words and actions. I however am a worm and a servants servant and am no one to talk also. I guess I will not talk very much and be more observant to the world. I will allow others to debate and take no part of them.

People who like to blog crash deserve the same from someone who knows them. People like to be the authority figure but then drop down ranks at their chosing.

The word "Khalsa" means pure. So nobody in the world is exactly pure but the Guru and cannot use the name Khalsa. The word "Singh" was added to a body who has been blessed by Guru Gobind Singhs Amrit. So anyone with the last name "Singh" who isnt Amritdhari has that name in vain {and shouldnt have it?}. You are born to be a "Singh" and when you chose not to be an Amritdhari {by not receiving Amrit} you should remove it until you give your head to the Guru. Since this you are "naked" with just your first name. The name "Singh" should only be added after taking Amrit, right? I should shed the name Khalsa from my name says a fellow Sikh. { I have the name Khalsa at the end of my name to show the world that I am an Amritdhari because the name "Singh" is used by a huge amount of people with cut hair, non-rehat etc. So should I write my name as Pritam Singh Amritdhari? In order to show to the world what I am. Or is the name "Singh" enough to tell the world that I am Amritdhari? Since I see many Singhs doing non Sikh things a.e. drinking, drugs, lustful things etc. I feel that the name Khalsa better describes my way of life.

Feel free to blast away with you machine gun of words.

This is a devotional song by Bitti describing a historic day when some brave men of Guru Gobind Singh jis Army ran away and came back from battle. They were cursed and humilated by the ladies of household for not showing khalsa fearlessness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lU8YyR3UYc&search=khalsa It should reduce your stress my Khalsa family. I watched it and it changed my attitude.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Look in the mirror and see what reflects back at you.

I wont comment on this due to hard feelings from someone.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sitar pic

I play sitar for the neighborhood. People really like it. They say it "sounds hypnotising." Im thinking of playing after Sadhana by my house in the Natural Habitat area. Which is right next to my house and stretches for about a mile East. I want to play while the birds are singing. People walk on the paths and Ill hide in the brush and play. I think it wont draw a crowd because Ill be hidden.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pics galore

This is when we met with Holly Brooks and I took a picture with her and Jessie. Jessica is addicted to her music. Which sounds nice. She sounds like Snatam Kaur but not Kirtan.
I love this picture of my shaakas.{ one of my many nicknames for her}
When I bust out with the Sitar she comes running. I let her strum the strings so she gets used to playng all my instruments. I let her play Dholak, Sitar, tongue drum and guitar.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Saturday, June 03, 2006

Baby Kaylin

Kaylin playing and taking a break for a picture. While Im reading the bani for the month of Maghar { Nov- Dec} in Baarah Maahaa Maanjh. This was taken in December sometime.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pics of mi familia

Jessie and Kaylin at the Sacramento Zoo
When she is so fussy and tired sometimes I catch myself falling asleep while trying to get her to go to sleep while we are watching her Baby Einstien videos.
Kaylin sitting on her Pooh bear couch that we bought her and she loves it. It folds out to a bed and I even like sitting on it.
Kaylin loves to take a bath in her giant rubber ducky. If you touch the beak it quacks a bunch of times.
Heres Kaylin and I walking back to the car after the Zoo. Shes wearing her giraffe ears with Giraffes on the ends. She shows off by wiggling them and laughing and people say she so cute. Thats also her "Im being cute" face.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pictures of My family and I

This is her in her cage when she gets rowdy or when we are cleaning the house.Sometimes this is the last place on Earth that she wants to be.
This is how she normally looks. She always happy and smiling.
When she first got this she was so excited and spazzing out.
This is her num-num time.
Momma and baby loving life and being pleasant. I always look over and need to take pictures but my smart card went out and weve been short money to get one so I bought some throwaway cameras.

by Pritam Singh Khalsa @ Saturday, June 03, 2006